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Printing Facility.

Lithographic Printing

Lithographic printing is a printing process that uses a flat printing plate to transfer an image to a substrate. It is based on the repulsion of oil and water, which is used to separate the image area from the non-image area. The image area is then wetted with ink, which is then transferred to a substrate, such as paper. Lithographic printing can produce very high-quality images and is often used for printing books, magazines, and other printed materials.

At our facility, we use Heidelberg Offset Printers to produce high-quality printed materials. These printers offer excellent resolution and color accuracy, resulting in vibrant, sharp images. Our staff are highly trained in the operation of Heidelberg printers, allowing us to produce a wide range of printed materials including brochures, flyers, posters, catalogs, and more. Heidelberg Offset Printers enable us to meet the highest standards of quality and offer a cost-effective solution for our customers. We are proud to be able to offer such a reliable and efficient printing solution to our customers.

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